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My weekend was all lights'n'glass!

Hi fellow addicts<g>

    finally got down to sorting those niggly little problems on the 200T, or
in other words 'i've already seen that StarTrek 5 times, is there anything
else other than brookside omnibus?!'

    after attacking the offside read passenger door panel because of a
non-operational motor or switch. Realising that it's held on with nothing
more than a couple of screws. I've discovered that the motor itself was
jammed. Water ? had seeped onto the ferrous rotor and had stuck the rotor to
the stator magnets. Every time the switch was pressed, max current drawn for
5 seconds then the auto cutout snapped in. O.K cleaned out the stator
housing, spay a small ammount of wd40 around, and presto.. a working window
again. Wait a minute, now this window goes up and down faster than any of
the other ones :-( that means i'm going to have to clean them out as
well..... should have left it alone I guess!

p.s Cleaned out my lights as well :-) THEY ARE MUCH BETTER! (for those that
will try this, here's a word of warning about cleaning the chromed
They just take the surface away! LIGHTLY POLISH with a lint free cloth
ONLY... BTDT - NDIA<g>) Now i'm on the look out for some really neat bulbs
that will illuminate Phil the "I dont like people that use fog lights to
suppliment dirty lenses" place from a hundred miles or so <G> (now where's
that number of my friend who works with industrial lasers
mmmmmmmmm......what's that you say, all i've got to find is a 3600 AH
battery ?? err ?? )

My 88 200T CUMBS (Car Un-Modified Bog Standard) <g>