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Lube of Fan Motor

Alex queried if anyone has lubed a fan motor.  Yes, I pulled my motor
which was making noises like yours.  Sure enough, the bearings were
going dry.  I put a bead of oil on the joint of the sealed bearing and
spun the motor by hand to let it slowly soak in.  I figured the rear
bearing would be dry to, so I took a metal punch and drove in the
metal-to-metal tabs that keep the front and back motor covers in place,
and pulled the motor apart (after removing the wire/brush assembly).  I
don't know why Audi didn't put this motor together with thru-bolts like
other motors, but its really a hassle to get this apart.  You'll see
what I mean by the metal tab construction when you pull the motor.  To
put it back together, pressed the front and back plates back where they
came out, and take a screw driver of metal chisel and tap on the tab
grooves to spread the tabs again, which then keep the covers in place. 
Careful with hitting them too hard or they might break off.  They were
never intended to be taken apart.  Also, you have to loosen the radiator
connections on the motor side and separate the fan shroud from the
radiator in order to squeeze the fan motor out--its really tight.  But
it saves the hassle of removing the entire radiator.  Note also that you
can only do this if you unscrew the bolt holding the fan onto the motor
and pull the fan blade off.  Good Luck.  Joel