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Audi's ugliest car

It must be a serious case of "To each his own".  The Seattle contingent has
debated this some after the Seattle Auto Show.  I agree with the previous
writer who considers the A6 ugly, and my mate was flabbergasted by the
Ford-like trunk, but some like it a lot.  I didn't realize how bad it was
from the photos, but in person it was stunning (like being hit with a cold
codfish across the face.)  I hate to see Audi take styling cues from Saab.

Gary Bossert wrote:
>Gotta disagree.  I thought it (A6) was butt ugly in the photos and then I
>saw it at the dealership and I thought it looked fantastic.  Needs decent
>looking wheels though.  The 528i is still better looking and is available
>with a 5 speed but Audi is getting close.