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RE: Subject: FS: 1994 S4 (QUESTION)

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> What "body style" does an S4 share?

a '94 S4 is based on the '92 - '94 100 series. Not a bad place to start IMHO,
although now I'm overly jealous of that 5cyl turbo engine and quattro
drivetrain. I'll send you a picture privately (not to the list, big no-no).

> Or, which chassis is an S4 built upon.  I thought it was a
> 200-size chassis, but my compadre says it's basically the
> same chassis as a 80/90.

You're correct, it's basically 200-size, however it's the next generation of the
Audi mid-size sedan.

> Is that right?!  I've never seen one in person, obviously,
> but they always looked bigger than that in the pictures.
> If they are a 20 valve turbo quat in that little bitty
> sedan chassis, <sigh>, I think I want one!
> (wanted one anyway, but now...)

You want one? I WANT one. 'Course I ain't gonna get one anytime soon.

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