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RE: Fogging, but defrost works

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Ditto on the thanks to the Q-list! I did the same fix last night and drove to work in clear-windowed glee.

I found on my 91 200 that I didn't have to remove the glovebox. There is a sort of plastic grille behind and under the glovebox, which is directly under the recirc flap. Removing that lets you reach right up there and is easier to R/R than the whole glovebox.

Rob Winchell
91 200Q (mmmmm...clear windows)
87 4kCS

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Subject: Fogging, but defrost works

	My windows were fogging even though the defroster was on full blast. This was happening in 
both my 1988 5kQuattro and my wives 1985 5kS.  Looking in the archives I saw it could possibly 
be the spring that is supposed to close my recirculation air flap and open my fresh air flap. (Bentley 
pg. 87.22). I looked in my wives 1985 5kS and the spring was hanging down and the bracket it was 
suppose to be hooked to (under the vacuum motor) was broken. I  looked in my 1988 5kQ and the 
spring was broken and the plastic gizmo that attaches it to the recirculation air flap was broken.  In 
both cases it seemed that the spring was too strong for its own good.  So I replaced them with slightly 
weaker springs. My defrost works great now. 
	You have to remove the glove box to get to the recirculation air flap and the spring is 
supposed to be inside.  I may or may not be handy to open up the plastic cover under the hood to get 
at the fresh air flap from above. It wouldn’t hurt to see that it wasn’t obstructed by leaves and was 
working correctly.
	Thanks to the Quattro List for the help, because I may have never figured out the 
recirculation problem without it.

Paul Hutchinson
88 5kQ Pearly White
85 5kS