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RE: MARYLAND DRIVERS: Be Aware (no Audi content)

Thanks for the heads-up, Mark. My wife and I are currently relocating from 
NJ to MD. We have had a similar situation in NJ for the last year or two, 
and I was hoping I was moving to a state where governmental idiocy was not 
quite as rampant as it is here. Evidently I was wrong...

Nick Craft

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If you live in Maryland or have any friends that do, you/they should take

There is a new law now in effect in Maryland (possibly other states?)
...where ANYONE can pay $2.00 at the MVA and get all the available
information on you based on your car tag number.  The MVA is selling this
info. for profit to private interests and for commercial mailings.  In
order to block your info (address, DOB, etc.) from being provided call
1-888-682-3772 (toll free number) you will be required to enter your
Drivers License Number, Date of Birth & Social Security Number via a
touch tone phone (or, presumably, verbally via an operator).  You can
select to remove your info from Private access and/or Commercial access.

This is not a joke/virus mail, I have personally called in and set my
own info as private - it IS valid.  The number is very busy though, you
may need to try several times to get through.

Note: if you don't call in and specifically remove your name from the
general access records then someone could show up at your house some
day because they think you took their parking spot (or whatever)!

Also, don't forget to tell (or execute for) your spouse/significant
other as well as tell your friends.

Sorry for the non-Audi content.

-Mark Quinn