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Re: help: short life water pump :(

Blaufergnugen has a great quality pump that I've used and have had no
problems with. Also coolant plays a big role. Are you using a silicate,
phosphate free coolant? I do. Havoline Dexcool. Be sure to lube the o ring
with moly grease before install. Clean the surefaces before that.

'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Albert Ng wrote:

> Hi audi fans,
> 	After almost 8000 trouble-free miles on my '87 5kcst, bad luck 
> finally revisited. The water pump on my audi started dripping coolant two 
> days ago. The sad thing is, this water pump was replaced by my mechainc two 
> years ago along with the timing belt. Gees, what should I do? 
> How difficult to replace the water pump on the I5 turbo engine? Is that 
> mean I will face anohter timing belt job again? Any source for a RELIABLE 
> water pump?
> Sad Audi Owner
> '87 5kcst