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Re: Gasolines

Both my 10v and 20v love the Texaco....but I usually run Citgo....always at
stations that I know have relatively new tanks as well.
Sunoco 94 is always nice, but pricey....car seems to like Shell and Amoco
as well as no troubles with the occcasional BP and Mobil.
Nothing seems as good as Texaco though.
Car absolutely hates gas-ohol (twice when I had no choice) and Phillips 66
anything....piss poor mileage....always 93 or better octane.

I highly recommend using Techron every 5-10K miles...car runs like a top
when it's in the tank..but DO NOT over use it.  I use it in my last tank
just prior to oil changes because it "may" slightly contaminate your oil.