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Bilstein Sports (was RE: Assist assistance needed)

Henry wrote:
>Got sick of bouncing and ordered the Bilsteins today from RD, BofD
sport part
numbers. I'll measure the relative perches when they get here, see if I


In speaking with Sport Wheels (where my Bilstein/Eibach combo came from)
I was told that the Bilstein "sport" model for the 91 200q is adjusted
for a spring height 3/4" lower than stock. Bilstein also makes a model
that works with stock ride height springs, but it is *not* the "sport"
model. The Eibach springs used for the S4 also work on the 91 200q, and
lower the car 3/4". I saw a set advertised on the e-page classifieds a
while back - $150.  The ride is nice.



91 200q Bilstein/Eibach etc