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Re: '86 4ks airflow pot

in a message dated 12/1/97 "Scott M." <scottmo@teleport.com> writes:

> According to one of the Audi training booklets I have on the CIS E, the air
> plate potentiometer produces a voltage between ~0 and 7 volts for air flow
> lever movement between 0 to 18 degrees.<snip> It indicates that this
> voltage signal is used for cold acceleration enrichment.

Thanks for this tidbit Scott!!! On the 4kq would this pot becoming
noisy/dirty (they all certainly must be at this age if never cleaned) cause
slight mid rpm hesitations durring warm-up? Seems so...(Michael Williams are
you listening?). Would this also apply to the MC motors during warm-up?
Sounds to me like one more area to get out the De-Oxit and clean away! Can't
hurt. Thanks again Scott for pointing this one out and TIA for any
clarification as to anticipated symptoms when this is (again, I'll bet they
all will be) dirty. 

BTW, add my WOT/Idle switch to the mix of bad solder/bad contacts. Easy
fix...good quality black tape makes a great seal and keeps it "easy opening"
for future maintenance. Seeing the inside of that switch assy. I agree they
all should be suspect at this age pending internal inspection. See no reason
ever to replace it though...very easily fixable.

Thanks again Scott for all your insights.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq