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 -=> Glen Abel illuminates us with <=-
 GA> Has anyone had the exp where the abs kicks in @ 3mph ...(just
 GA> about at  a dead stop) ... It shouldn't even work at that speed i
 GA> would think... 
 GA> 86 5Ktq...

     Thats what the ABS disconnect switch is for.  On my V8
     I had to put it in reverse to keep from hitting the
     "maroon" in front of me on a snow covered street. She
     decided that her 4 foot wide car wouldn't fit in the
     12 foot lane in front of her and locked em up. Almost
     at a dead stop the pedal was pulsating and the V8Q
     was heading full speed slow, pulsating pedal twords
     Whiplash Wilmas bumper. Couldn't get a toothpick between
     the bumpers, but no contact. It's a definite unforgettable
     experience when it happens the first (and only) time.

     I've driven 3 other V8's, and they all act the
     same way on slippery/snowy surfaces, so you should always
     deactivate the ABS to get the "snowplow" effect for braking.


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