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Re: help: short life water pump :(

Dear sad,

The water pump by itself isn't too bad. You will want to replace the
timing belt anyway if there is a lot of miles since it was replaced.
	If you remove the timing cover from the front (using two 5 or 6mm allen
heads you can see the condition of the belt. To do just the water pump:
1)remove the top timing cover 2)loosen the power steering pump brackets
(2bolts nad one 10mm adjuster)3) I removed the front air intercooler
(16mm allen on top, the two hose clamps, the two 5mm? allens holding the
air flow meter. 4) before step 3 you will want to remove the  grill
(requires removing the trim (clips)) 5)mark the position of the old belt
to insure correct timing and be sure not to let the belt slip on the
bottom teeth (suggestion: use a woodworking clamp to hold the belt tight
once tension is released) 6) two bolts hold the water pump on and they
are also what adjusts tension on the belt (the pump rotates) 7)remove
the two bolts holding the pump and remove and replace.
	Be sure to clean surfaces very well. Be sure to get an OEM quality new
pump as some of the aftermarket ones have a plastic propeller. Sources
besides dealer???

If the belt needs replacing be sure to mark it very well (in either case
)because setting timing is done solely upon timing belt position. The
bottom pulley will need to come off and it's a little trickier.

Good luck,