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Re: Coupe Q Maintenance

Matt Van Houweling wrote:

> I have  a 1990 Coupe Quattro with about 77,000 miles on it.

I hope you had the timeing belt changed.

> I generally
> love the car but am now starting to experience some nagging problems with
> it.  The first invloves a rough idle on start up.

Ok this is my once a year cleanup for my coupe.1.Take off the distributor cap
an clean it out.
2. Clean out the ISV valae give it some WD40.
3.Check all spark plugs for carbon tracking. make shure threr tri electrode
type. NGK BCP6ET
4. Look for air leaks.
5. Put a bottle of techron in the gass. Do this before an oil change.

> I think this list has
> discussed this topic before, but of course I did not pay enough attention
> at the time.  It seems to run fine after it has warmed up, but on sart up
> the idle RPM fluctuates badly up and down and occasionally even kills the
> engine.  The second problem is an anitlock brake light that comes on
> periodically.  When off the antilocks work fine, but when the light comes
> on the ABS is disabled.  After restarting the engine, the light may or may
> not come on.

Pull the wheel sensors and clean them off. Make sure you push them all the
way in.

> If any of you have experienced and solved these problems please lend some
> insight.  Thanks
> ____________________________
> Matt Van Houweling
> '90 Coupe Quattro

'90 Coupe Quattro