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Re: '91 Coupe Q

>(1) the muffler (stamped Audi/VW) is painted black! Is this >the original part? I expected to see silver.

Mine's silver, and the P/N never changed through the two years they were available, but then again we're talking about Audi here... My guess is that it's been replaced -- no big deal.

>(2)The glass sunroof has a _rotary_ control switch with >about 5 or 6 positions (various preset movements). I was >told that this was not the control setup originally in the '91 >models, but is a feature of more-recent years and hence a >mod to this car.

The Bentley makes it look like the rotary dial was fitted to all Coupes with the glass roof (all '91 models). The parts fiche lists the rotary dial as _available_ for the steel roofs beginning with 8/89 build date, but I don't believe it was an option for the '90 cars. I sure would love to retrofit the glass and rotary dial to my car, but it's probably more trouble and $$ than it's worth.

>BTW, was its Backup Alert (Sonnar)
>sensor an original option? It's integrated perfectly with the >sunroof control panel.

I've never heard of this one. What do you mean by "integrated with the sunroof control panel"?

>Anyway, the car's still FS, and the dealer asserts that they >"could get $17K for it at auction", so they won't talk about >less money. Waddya' expect from a BMW dealer?--It took >them several weeks to decide that $20K was "out of line"!

I'd call 17K out of line -- 20K is evidence of paint sniffing! If it's really in great shape (and I mean _everything_), it might be worth 16K to somebody. I doubt that particular somebody would happen to be at the auction.

Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
Chattanooga, TN