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4kq breakdowns and adventures. (Longish)

	What have I done now.  Did I miss the fine print of Audi ownership
that says we must Sacrifice a live, virgin BMW owner once a month to the
AUDI GODS if our Audi is to have no problems.  Cant I just have ONE month
with no problems.  I love my car but dang, what have I done to piss of the
gods now.
	While in Seattle for a Few DAys before Thanksgiving my Front RIght
tire stopped moving.  Dang.  Looked and thought it was the CV joint as the
boot was ripped and I could see gunk inside.  No problem, I got a nice
used one from AVS on Tuesday.  THen on WEd I took out the old one and just
out of curiosity disassembled it.  It was fine. Checked the wheel bearing
which I should of done first.  Dang, it was shot.  Didn't even see it
coming, should of checked it.  So I fix my old CV, cant get a bearing
pressed in anywhere the day before Thanksgiving.  Pat Martin and Pete
Kunzic ? or however you spellit were nice enough to offer to do it on
THanksgiving morning but I decided that even then, I would miss the
holidays with the family in Idaho.  ANd I had 3 other people with me to
get back.  So feeling really dumb now for stranding us, I borrow a friends
VW JETTA and take the Strut and new bearing home to get it done on Friday.
HAlf way home we stop for gas.  VW wont start.  Pust start it.  A phantom
locks my friends door as we try to jump in a moving Jetta.  He rips off
the wonderfully sturdy VW handle.  Literally was in his hand 15 ft from
the car.  I let him in and we go home.  Friday I press in a bearing.
Remember my Tie_rod end is shot so I get a whole new Tie-Rod as well.
Sat: I drive to Seattle and give back Jetta.  Discuss with Adam (Jetta
donor) why my 4kq breaks more than his 5ktq.  We decide it is the 30k
miles a year I put on it.  And maybe my driving style, 50 series tires, 
and choice of bad roads to drive on, (as if I have a choice in North
	ANyhow, on Sunday I go to the car, easy fix.  Wrong.  Strut goes
in fine, 20 minute job, no more.  Passenger side Tie-rod wont come out.
It's raining.  I'm tired.  I watn to be home.  3 hours later, I still cant
get the inner bolt out.  It seems to want to run right into the Steering
rack Rod.  I rip the boot on my rack.  I cant get the 2 bolts that hold
the racks rod to the tie-rod mounting bracket out.  I try a hammper,
pliers, a torch.  Nothing.  Finally it comes out.  I replace the rod, cant
get it back in so I GRIND IT DOWN ON A GRINDER, now it slides by.  I put
it all back together.  Humm, Lets see, besides the car breaking, it just
took me 5 hours to replace 1 tie-rod.  The driver side was cake.  Why the
	Anyhow, just venting.  I looked in EC's article on the 4kq front
suspension rebuilt.  FOr the Tie-Rod replacement they say, "remove two
inner bolts and then remove tie-rods" or something like that.  ANyone else
have similar problems.  Now I DEFINATELY want to remove the battery and
stick it in the trunk.  Oh, and how should I get those other two bolts off
so I can replace my torn boot?
	Other than that, had a good break.   OH, AND MY CAR HANDLES MUCH
BETTER NOW WITH NEW TIE-RODS.  Whole front Susp in new now.  Love it.

	Todd Phenneger   aka: Zarati
	1984 4000s quattro / New Red Paint
	2.5" Borla SS Exhaust  /  Boge Turbo Gas Shocks
	15" Wheels & 205/50 ZR15 Bridgestone RE-71s
	Considering a Turbo Conversion  :)