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>Date: Tue, 02 Dec 1997 15:33:00 -0640
>From: cobram@Channel1.Com (Cobram)
> -=> Glen Abel illuminates us with <=-
> GA>
> GA> Has anyone had the exp where the abs kicks in @ 3mph ...(just
> GA> about at  a dead stop) ... It shouldn't even work at that speed i
> GA> would think...
> GA> 86 5Ktq...
>     Thats what the ABS disconnect switch is for.  On my V8
>     I had to put it in reverse to keep from hitting the
>     "maroon" in front of me on a snow covered street. She
>     decided that her 4 foot wide car wouldn't fit in the
>     12 foot lane in front of her and locked em up. Almost
>     at a dead stop the pedal was pulsating and the V8Q
>     was heading full speed slow, pulsating pedal twords
>     Whiplash Wilmas bumper. Couldn't get a toothpick between
>     the bumpers, but no contact. It's a definite unforgettable
>     experience when it happens the first (and only) time.
>     I've driven 3 other V8's, and they all act the
>     same way on slippery/snowy surfaces, so you should always
>     deactivate the ABS to get the "snowplow" effect for braking.
>     BCNU,

Excuse me, but I'm confused. By your reference to the pedal "pulsating" I
assume you're implying that your ABS was ON. Right? And you did stop in
time? Right? So what's your beef against ABS in the snow? How do you offer
this experience as evidence that ABS didn't work to your advantage? Since
I'm sure you wouldn't rather have had your V8 slide ever so smoothly into
the rear seat of that car, you must believe that you would have stopped
sooner without ABS. But that's pure conjecture.

I disagree with your advice about deactivating ABS in the snow.


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