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Re: '91 Coupe Q

I'll write myself a note to slide on over to my local friend the car
dealer and check out his black book.  

The numbers Scott quoted sounded pretty accurate to me.  I was thinking
about a '90 Coupe Q with all kinds of mods to it and was trying to figure
out what it was worth.  

dont care what the dealer says, no auction on this planet will go 17k for
that car.  

Bill Murin
89 100q

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Scott 20191668 Bermes wrote:

> Phil,
> FWIW, I am looking at the November 10 Georgia edition of the official
> Black Book directly from a dealer.  X-Clean condition in this market
> brings a wholesale price of $9815, deduct 350 w/o auto trans and $250
> w/o sunroof.  I can't believe your market could be $7k different from
> the Georgia market, but hope this information helps.
> Scott