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Re: Wozzat pipe???:)

> No. Too many pipes there to say which pipe are you talking about :-)
> Where do two other pipes go?

Ok. Sorry. I had a look at it this morning. Here is what I see when
standing at the front of the engine bay of the RHD 200T. T-piece is
more or less in centre of firewall. One pipe runs off to the
my left and passes behind the brake servo, turns towards back of car
and vanishes into the firewall. The other piece heads to my right,
passes along the engine compartment wall, behind the coolant expansion
tank and vanishes into the sidewall above the front left wheel. When
looking at the vanishing point, it is just below the mounting point
of the hood lifter. At this point there are 2 pipes going into
the sidewall, the one nearest the top of the wall (closer to the
lifter mount) is thinner and is not the one I am interested in. That
pipe goes through the sidewall above the joint between engine bay
wall and the front side panel. The one  that I want to track goes
into the sidewall, but goes through the engine compartment panel.
Now, the loose pipe of interest comes off the T-piece and dangles
around over the engine. I don't know what it is for. Don't even know
if it supposed to be like that.

Hope I've given enough of a clue. I looked in the Haynes and couldn't
find a thing. Perhaps what this list needs, as a reference, is a list
of all vacuum hoses. But then again, I don't think there'd be enough
bandwidth! :)


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