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Re: WOT switch

> I can't believe the lambda sensor was actually removed. What's the point
> of doing this? Besides, if you remove the lambda sensor from the car
> you'll get error code 2342.

I got a call from VW/Audi about 1.5 months back. I was chatting to
the guy about fitting EFI (yes, it was one of my darker stages in
life) and we spoke about how different the local was from the
international. On these cars they replaced the K-Jet on the Turbo
models with the K-Jet found on the normally aspirated motors. He
told me the lambda was removed and the injection changed to the
normally aspirated 'cos  this country was (is) so backwards that
we didn't have unleaded back in '90. I don't understand why they'd
remove it, they could just as well have fitted one for leaded
fuel (I understand such things exist). I am going on lambda
removal from someone who works at the VW/Audi factory here.

This code you speak of, how do I get to it? Is this the procedure
I have to follow by holding down the RESET button and turning the
ignition on? What is the procedure to follow to get to the point
where this error code will be displayed? Or perhaps potential error
code. I assume these readings show on the trip computer display. Let
me know and I'll do the tests this afternoon.


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