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removing 4kq tie rods

Unfortunately there was a step that was missed.  To remove either tie
rod assembly, you must first
remove the bracket the tie rod bolt to from the rack.  Simple? No.  The
rack is threaded, and the
two bolt securing the bracket to the rack have nuts on the underside...
So remove the nuts from below,
can't just hold the nut and spin the bolt 'cause the rack is threaded.
Then remove the bolts.  Now you can get the clearance you need to remove
the double bolt/stud & plate assembly holding the tie rods to the
  Fun huh??  Oh yeah,  installation is reverse of removal.


Stott Hare
Application Developer
Policy Administration Team


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> Subject:	4kq breakdowns and adventures. (Longish)
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>          ANyhow, on Sunday I go to the car, easy fix.  Wrong.  Strut
> goes
> in fine, 20 minute job, no more.  Passenger side Tie-rod wont come
> out.
> It's raining.  I'm tired.  I watn to be home.  3 hours later, I still
> cant
> get the inner bolt out.  It seems to want to run right into the
> Steering
> rack Rod.  I rip the boot on my rack.  I cant get the 2 bolts that
> hold
> the racks rod to the tie-rod mounting bracket out.  I try a hammper,
> pliers, a torch.  Nothing.  Finally it comes out.  I replace the rod,
> cant
> get it back in so I GRIND IT DOWN ON A GRINDER, now it slides by.  I
> put
> it all back together.  Humm, Lets see, besides the car breaking, it
> just
> took me 5 hours to replace 1 tie-rod.  The driver side was cake.  Why
> the
> pain.  
>         Anyhow, just venting.  I looked in EC's article on the 4kq
> front
> suspension rebuilt.  FOr the Tie-Rod replacement they say, "remove two
> inner bolts and then remove tie-rods" or something like that.  ANyone
> else
> have similar problems.  Now I DEFINATELY want to remove the battery
> and
> stick it in the trunk.  Oh, and how should I get those other two bolts
> off
> so I can replace my torn boot?
>         Other than that, had a good break.   OH, AND MY CAR HANDLES
> BETTER NOW WITH NEW TIE-RODS.  Whole front Susp in new now.  Love it.
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