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RE: Audi 5000 Fuel Distributor


I developed the exact same symptoms last week with my '88 5kcsqw.
Figuring it was either the fuel distributor valve or a fouled injector,
I ran two tanks with injector cleaner added to see if I might get lucky
and avoid replacement of the offending part.  After about 200 miles, the
problem had diminished to nothing.  This chilly morning, a few days
later, a slight miss returned - but disappeared again as the car warmed

I suspect I've got an injector that was sticking in the closed position.
I am leaning toward this as an explanation, because the engine felt more
like there was a distinct cylinder miss than a more general lean state
from a sticky distributor valve.  We'll see how it does after a few
months...  maybe a good cleaning will manage the problem.

Best regards,

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> From: 	Dennis Larson[SMTP:dennisl@means.net]
> Sent: 	Sunday, November 30, 1997 8:18 PM
> To: 	quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> Subject: 	Audi 5000 Fuel Distributor

> I figured I got a defective distributor and replaced it with another
> used
> model. No change at all!
> Here is what happens now. Start up from cold is fine, flawless
> operation,
> power good until the engine warms and mixture leans out a bit. Then I
> have
> rough idle and mildly rough acceleration up to about 1600 RPM. Then it
> runs
> smooth at driving speeds.
> Some possibilities - maybe a fuel injector collected some dirt from
> the
> newer used distributor, maybe a fuel injector just decided to go
> south,
> maybe I have gotten hold of two used and defective distributors, maybe
> its
> something I haven't thought of yet.
> Ideas out there?
> Otherwise the car in its advanced age are fine, as usual an excellent
> high-speed road car winter and summer.
> Dennis [Minnesota/BN Highline]