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Re: VW PARTS INC, Viton tip Injectors

I checked the #.  That is actually the first fuel injector I ever had
in my hand so if somebody told me it was diamond tipped I'd have no
knowledge on which to argue.  The part number on the injector itself was 035 133
551C.  Had parts guy at local dealer look it up and it crossed to
035 133 551F.  The "C" part# not available, replaced with...

Eric(VW PARTS) has them.  I don't know what his problem is.  I ordered
$300+ from him on the injector "order" for front suspension and told
him I'll be doing the rear soon so I would think that he would
be interested in keeping me as a customer.  _And_ I did not hide the
fact the I heard about him via this list so...

Mark P 

>Did you return the injectors after checking the part number
>or by visual inspection?

>The Viton tipped injectors carry the following part numbers
>(3.2 bar version, high pressure,  fine thread) Audi # 035
>133 551F, Bosch # 0-437-502-043, or OEM Bosch version