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CoupeQ Temps, Tires

A couple questions that've been bugging me...

First, I replaced my multifunction/water temperature sender switch due
to typical failure (often pegged at zero, randomly raising to mid-scale
then back to zero...), but it acts funny now.  When I run the car at a
relatively constant speed, the gauge never reads beyond the three
thick bands at min. scale.  This is true even if I drive for a half hour or
more, as long as I haven't sat in traffic for a few minutes.  Otherwise, as
soon as I sit in traffic, the needle raises pretty quickly to mid-scale and
seems to stay there for quite awhile.  My question is, is it normal to see
such low readings while doing steady-state "highway driving" (at 40
mph or more)?  BTW, outside temps have been between 30 and 35 F

Second, I was getting low readings on my outside temp display.  I
found the sender dangling (still attached) down by the inner bumper,
so I pushed it back into the bracket on the grill.  It worked perfectly for 
days, but now for the last 2 or 3 days it gives readings that are 13 to 15
F too low.  Occasionally the numbers climb about one digit every 3 or
4 seconds to the correct temperature, but then typically fall again.  Is
this indicative of a bad outside temperature sender?  BTW, I hope I
have the whole sender;  it didn't look like much (just three curved
prongs at the end, surrounding a short cylinder).

Last, any opinions on Dunlop SP Sport 4000 tires for the Coupe?  I
need a solid all-season tire, but also want good Summertime
performance.  Any BTDT???

Please respond to me directly.  Unfortunately workload often forces
me to trash the digests before I get to read them lately :-(

Thanks very much in advance for any information.  Have a good one,

Jim Fraser
1990 CQ
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