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the pulp octane war

i've been sort of dragged into this, but here goes...

various discussions about leaded vs unleaded and octane ratings has lead
to the discovery of a product, called fuelstar, which claims to boost
the octane ratings of your gas, allow running of cars intended for 96
ron leaded on 91 ron unleaded with no problems and, more importantly for
me, allows a wagon intended for 98 ron unleaded to run on 96 ron
unleaded (called 'pulp' here in nz - premium unleaded petrol).

fuelstar is effectively a fuel catalyst that resides in the fuel line
after the filter and uses tin (i think) to 'lubricate' the fuel and
replace the lead.  claims for the product are higher effective octane
ratings, cleaner burn, better econony, reduced benzene (!) and nox, and
longer valve life.

the local aa pans the product; but as they are still full of ex-pommy
sargeant major types, that is not a surprise.

i have waded through a bunch of very impressive testimonials from
engineering and fleet managers about the product, and so am prepared to
believe that the product can back up the impressive claims made for it.
i've also talked to a audi turbo owner here in nz who runs the product
and reports reliable 14 pounds boost on a 87 q avant with various ned
richie mods, and raves about the product.

has anyone on the list had any experience with this product, or
technical explainations as to why it might (or might not) work?

www.fuelstar.com is the web site for those interested...

i have no interest in this product, except as a possible user of

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q