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Re: '91 Coupe Q

Bill wrote:

>Checked out the Wisconsin edition of the Black Book this morning.  an
>extra clean '91 coupe q has a wholesale value of $9900 in this market.
>Deduct $250 if it does not have a sunroof.
>Methinks the BMW dealer who claimed he could get 17k for it at the auction
>was smoking something he shouldn't have.

I agree!

That car would never bring 17k at an auction, at least not on this planet.
I can't make HIGH RETAIL on that car with that mileage come out much over
$16.5k ($13.5 plus low mileage allowance of .08 per mile under 81k) no
matter how hard I try (Kelley or Edmunds).

If 'twas me I'd offer them $13k (or less if you can offer cash) and let
them sit on the car for a while.  No one is going to pay $17.9 for it.
Making an offer is always better than not - it gives 'em something to think
about.  At $13k the dealer is bound to make a (in)decent profit.  I'd bet
my Torsen that they didn't pay more than $10k for it!  If they have had the
car for more than 2 weeks I bet they take $13k in a heart beat!

FWIW - two Pearl CQ's have been on the market here (Boston area) the past
two weeks.  One '91 with 92k miles and claiming to be flawless with asking
price of $11.5k from a small used car dealer.  The second with 127k miles
but well cared for with an asking price of $8.5k from a private owner.
Don't know how much either sold for...

FWIW II - The Coupe I just bought was traded for $6200.  It is nice but not
perfect.  '90 with 112k mi., near new interior, eat-off-it clean engine,
and excellent runner.  Only flaws are a few small parking lot dings (and a
mis-reading gauge or two).

Good luck!


Mike Marion, Optronics - mmarion@optronics-intl.com
1990 Coupe Quattro - Lago Blue
1984 BMW R100RS "Last Edition" - Pearl White
1995 Mitsubishi Montero, RWD/AWD/4WD - Scratched White