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Re: Alternative part supliers

eric sez a buncha things about alternative parts suppliers which i have

i could add a few more to chew on:

- lemforder also makes the OEM hydraulic fluid pressure accumulator (bomb)

- much of the type 44 air conditioning equipment is GM (ac/delco or
  harris) but the compressor, i believe, is japanese (nippondenso?).

- i have high quality lemforder replacement parts for the tie rods,
  front control arms/ball joints and rear upper tie rods on my tqw that
  look like OEM

- the "modine" 3 row all metal rad is actually a reboxed piece used by
  several brands including csf & cuc, is made in the phillipines ans is
  of better than acceptable quality.

- any water pump with a plastic impellor (italian) should be tossed
  rather than installed.

- don't bother installing a donut-type-with-inside-buffer exhaust hanger
  unless it is the one from techtonics with the bicycle chain molded
  into the rubber ($6 each)


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