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Re: steering pumps

Jon Meckem wrote:
> I have a few question about the power steering pumps in 5k's if anyone has
> rebuilt one before.

Yes, several times with 100% success.
> Is there a rebuild kit available for the power steering pumps in the 5k's?

Yes, p/n 026 198 049B, I paid $15 for mine. There is also a smaller kit, 
which does not make sense. Once you've gone through the trouble of 
taking the pump out of the car, messing up the floor along the way, at 15 
bux you might as well do it right, i.e. completely.

You also need a *modified drag link socket* to open up a screw cap. Can be 
easily made out of a Craftsman socket.
Also get some steering assembly grease. E-mail me direct, if you need 
details on the rebuild procedure.
Should you screw up one or more end caps, they are available 
separately: p/n 026 145 541.
Same with the outer O-rings (they are part of the above kit, 
BTW): p/n 026 145 049, 8 of them needed.

Two important moments: 
1) once you break the pump in half, do check the gap between the pressure 
relief valve and the pump housing. If it is larger than 0.5mm, toss 
the pump, it's history. 
2) prime the pump after installing it on the car, but before connecting 
those three hoses. If you skip this part, you can kiss the pump goodbye.

> Is the clacking inside the pump somthing that will be corrected with the
> rebuild kit?

Might be. 
> Is the groaning sound that I hear when turning the wheel caused by a bad
> pump also?

It is normal at the turn-to-turn lock of the steering.

Good luck.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ

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