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Re: Early 4000 Questions

George Achorn writes:
> 	I am currently looking to buy a low budget car and have several options.
> One of which is an early 4000. I was looking through a book I have about
> Quattro racing history that I picked up back in highschool, and I like the
> look of the early 4000s. I am not familiar with what years they were
> available in the US. I mean the model prior to the '86 I testdrove. It
> didn't have the big 1 piece bumpers and fascias. It had the old black
> plastic style. I think it was made up until '84.
> 	I also want to know if they brought those early cars over in Quattro form.
> Which years are best for this car? I would presume the later ones ('83 or
> '84?) but am not sure. If it did come with Quattro did it have 4 or 5 lug
> bolt pattern? If 4 is there a way to upgrade so that newer Audi Rims or the
> Older Audi Fuchs will fit?

If you want the early-style 4000 body and you want quattro, then 1984
was the only model year with that combination in the U.S.

All 4000 sedans have 4-bolt wheels.  The early cars have 100mm bolt circle
whereas the later ones 108mm.  The Fuchs wheels that were optional on
the Urquattro and 5KTQ come only in the 5x112mm pattern, so they won't
fit 4000s.  If you want bigger wheels for the 4000 you would have to go
after-market.  I was lucky to buy a set of 15 inch Ronal R8 wheels in 4-bolt
form when they were still available.  These are the same design as the
factory wheels (used in various forms on the Urquattro, 80-83 5KT, 1984 4Kq
and coupe GT, 1985-87 4K, 4Kq and coupe GT, and some 5KCS non-turbo models).
But the R8 has long been discontinued...

> 	Whatever I get I want to tinker with, so the idea of an old Audi with big
> old PIAAs on the front and some slight upgrades really makes sense to me.
> It appeals to me more when I think of retrofitting a 5V 1.8T into it. Seems
> like a cool winter car. 

Fitting an 1.8T 5V engine into an old 4000 chassis isn't going to be easy.
You would have to do a lot of custom fabrication, plumbing, fuel injection
and electronics work.  I simply can't imaging doing something like this
for less than $10K... and you were looking for low budget?

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