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Re: A test for ABS activation vs old method

To start - no cars, humans or other signs of identifiable life to be seen or heard in the proximity.

I'm coming toward a section of highway that has claimed many pieces of  complicated concoctions of steel, rubber, plastic, glass, etc.  This particular
section has a long curve to the right, and thus the road is slanted to the right also.  At the middle of this curve is a road off to the left at about a
45 degree angle to the direction I'm travelling.  Speed is about 70 kph.  I apply the brakes (ABS on) approximately 300 ft from this road to the left to
see what happens (BTW 4 to 6 inches of slush on the road).  Not wishing to allow any other variables into this 'formula,' I keep the pedal 'hard to the
metal.'  Panick situation.

Result:  go right on past the road to the left not able to turn in that direction.  End up in a slightly deviated position ass-end to the right.

I drive back up the road to test this therory.  Next try, same characteristics, (ABS off), come into the same situation using the 'old style' of
braking, ie. pumping the brakes.  Apply, slide, release, apply, slide release, etc.  Control of the vehicle at all times.

Result:  Turn off onto the road on the left. No problemo.

Try this once again. Result: Same

This may seem trivial.  But the true result is that we all have our preferences, and in this particular 'test' Aleksander was right.  Plow up the snow,
especially when it's heavy.

P.S. Thanks to all for help on the 'timing belt change'.  I've got all I need to know and I'm going to attempt it this weekend if it doesn't snow!
(anyone got a heated garage around here that I could use?)

Best regards,