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RE: 3B pricing

<<How much do 3b's cost?>>

Figure the value of your car times 3 or so ;-) it's a matter of finding
someone who's selling one, but doesn't price it as if it were a
Porsche-Kremer 935 motor for instance ;-).  Most of the engines I've
found are priced right at $4K.

<<Can that many 20 valves have been wrecked?>>

There are a few.  I know of approx. a half dozen or so for sale around
the country.

<<Is it an easy install for say, hypothetically,an '84 5ksT?>>

Guess that depends on what you consider easy and what your wallet
considers easy ;-).  It can be done but I'm not sure it really is worth
it.  A 4kq would be an interesting experiment for that transplant.
There's one up in Washington with a 3B in it that came down for the
Virginia City Hill Climb.  The car had overheating problems though...