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new S4 has rear biased torque split!

perhaps the various magazines have been too enchanted by the new S4's
massive torque output to mention that for the very first time since 1980 a
regular production quattro has a rear biased torque split of 46:54. 
(according to the current issue of performance car magazine, which has an
excellent technical write up on the S4)

the competition cars have been using rear biased splits for a long time
but it took until now for us to see it on a road car.  it must have been
motivated by the huge output of the engine.  i guess with a slight
biasing to the rear powerslides are now more possible than before.

the other less noteworthy development is that with quattro IV (i.e.
quattro w/ 4WTC) the torsen's teeth has been blunted somewhat.

old torsens had the gears cut such that torque splits of 78:22 were
available.  the torsens on the new cars have a less agressive 70:30
maximum variation.  i'd be interested in seeing how they use a torsen
to do a rear biased split on the S4 since the torsen usually splits
things 50-50 nominally.

i guess that would also open up new aftermarket possibilities for hot rod
1.8Ts too i suppose.