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Re: Pedal Extenders

On Wed, 3 Dec 1997 12:58:05 -0800 (PST) smarks@ns.net (Steven N. Marks)
>Hey friends:
>Is this a crazy question...?  Do you know if "pedal extenders" are
>available for the Audi?  If so, are they a solid fit?
>We have an 87 5000sq that my wife (4'11") struggles with a bit.  She 
>drives it beautifully, but is uncomfortable in a driving position that 
>requires she be very close to the wheel (in order to engage the clutch).

I am 182cm (6'1") and have a 325mm steering wheel, all of which prompt
me to seat fairly far back. I had exactly the same problem, when I had to
reach out for the clutch pedal in order to fully disengage the clutch.
On my car I have a set of Al MOMO pedal covers installed. On the
clutch pedal I installed the pad on two spacers which I machined out of
a 0.5" O.D. Al round stock.  I made a 3mm hole in the centra in each of
them (for the ME pedal mounting bolts).

The length of the spacers had to be missed-no-matched empirically
Methinks it's around 20mm in my case.
Now the clutch feels very comfortable.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ - 18psi (TAP)
'98 A4TQ - coming soon
Philadelphia, PA