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Re: Wozzat pipe???:)

More on in the dangling vacuum pipe for the cruise control...

Took the 200T to my *new* VW/Audi mechanic 'cos I needed to have him
look at my exposed right inner CV joint which I spotted last night
while looking for the lambda sensor (these things have a funny way
of becoming visible, next time I'll look at the CV and find out where
the lambda is connected :) ). I showed him the dangling cruise control
pipe and he checked to see if it was pulling a vacuum. Then he
mentioned to me that the line is connected to some control unit in
the centre dash that also actuates some vents when going bi-level on
the aircon. I found this hard to believe.

Just how is all the cruise control stuff connected up? I find it odd
that that vacuum line would be connected to something that'd control
the bi-level ducts. Odd enough though is that when I go  into 
bi-level mode on the climate control I get the air from the vents at
the windscreen, but no air out the centre ducts. So can these things
be connected?

Sh*t! Boss walking  around, gotta go!

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