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Re: Question:5kq diff. oil fill....

Yes. Remove fill plug (only one) first and then remove both drain 
plugs.  Be sure the gearbox is up to temp so that the thick petroleum 
molasses can run out.  Replace the drain plugs and refill with 
synthetic until it starts running out of the fill hole. Then replace 
the fill plug.

Synthetic lube is becoming more widely used at auto factories like 
Porsche, Audi, Chrysler, and General Motors.  In addition to previous 
threads, synthetics have a higher film strength (around 2400 psi) 
compared to petroleum (around 600 psi).  (Data from my 
tribology lab in college.)  This is important in boundary 
lubrication with high shear -- like what happens at the top of 

I've been using synthetics for 15 years.  There is no substitute.

Rudy C.
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> OK, I didn't see this in the Bentley manual, but Exactly how do you fill a 5
> speed trans/ center diff. on a 4k or 5k quattro? I know there are two plugs
> on the LS, and I know to fill the one next to the L.I. CV joint. But, do you
> stop filling once it comes out of that hole or the one all the way in the
> back?? Even the Dealership didn't know for sure. They say you should never
> have to touch it! Silly ppl!! And what do you fill it with? I heard
> synthetic gear lube is now rec. by the factory.   T I A !!!
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