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Re: V-6 Timing Belt

Dupree, Jim wrote:
> I am unsure of the life span of the V6 timing belt but you don't  want
> it to slip time on you! There is a special tool to set the 2 cams in
> time while the belt is replaced. I don't see how the cam timing can be
> set without this tool, although I have not actually used it only seen
> it. The understanding I have is that the cam sprockets are tapered fit
> without any woodruff keys or splines.

Yep, this is true. This is what finnaly lead me to abandon my attempt at
replacing the belt on my '93 90. The factory procedure calls for
the cam sprockets so that you can turn them (to get the teeth to align
the belt) without altering the timing. Doing with without that tool
sure to leave things a little hosed.

(On my motor, the cam sprockets didn't even have timing marks! Makes
though, since if you follow the procedure, there isn't any fixed
relationship between the sprocket and the cam timiing...)

I know one or two other q-listers done their own timing belts on the
Audi V6, but if I recall correctly, they were '92s, which I believe
had woodruff keys and/or splines  and timing marks on the sprockets...

1993 90CS 62k (awaiting dealer effort for timing belt, water pump, etc.)