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Re: Warped discs


Warped disks are not necessarily caused by a faulty design.  When the
"monkey lads" last had your wheels off and then put them back did they use
an air impact wrench?  Over-torquing is the best way to distort rotors.  If
you are lucky simply loosening the lug bolts and then retorquing them to
the proper torque (~80 ft-lbs --- I'm sure someone will chip in with the
exact setting) *might* just eliminate the problem.  I have had success with
this very same situation.

>Having recently had to put my Audi through its first MOT, or at least first
>for me, I expected the usual failures, all trivial, but no, mine failed on
>warped front discs, which are exactly a year old, (replaced at last MOT).
>Believing this to be the last thing that might fail, I was disappointed to
>say the least.
>Delving deeper, I was told that this has become an industry wide problem,
>with the move away from asbestos pads, to ones which don't dissapate the
>heat correctly (A&M Cars, Ilminster). Unfortunately for me, I don't have
>the receipt for the discs, dealer supplied, and cannot therefore seek some
>form of compensation.

IME, 9 out of 10 times it's the final jerk (pun intended) on the wrench
that causes the problems with rotors.

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