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Re: Warped discs

Tim Morgan wrote:

> Dear Q,
> I am a very new member of this list, and have very much enjoyed reading all
> the discussions, relevant or not. Until now I haven't had much to
> contribute, but this might interest/alarm some readers.
> Having recently had to put my Audi through its first MOT, or at least first
> for me, I expected the usual failures, all trivial, but no, mine failed on
> warped front discs, which are exactly a year old, (replaced at last MOT).
> Believing this to be the last thing that might fail, I was disappointed to
> say the least.
> Delving deeper, I was told that this has become an industry wide problem,
> with the move away from asbestos pads, to ones which don't dissapate the
> heat correctly (A&M Cars, Ilminster). Unfortunately for me, I don't have
> the receipt for the discs, dealer supplied, and cannot therefore seek some
> form of compensation.
> I'd be very interested to hear from any other readers who've had the same
> problem, and whether the discs, which are hardly worn, can be re-ground, to
> salvage some usefulness for the future.

Sorry to hear that you have had the same problem. Shortly after i bought my TQ
i had the same problem The only thing i could do was to replace them. The
warped ones look hardly used at all. I kept hold onto mine for a while but lack
of space meant that i had to throw mine away!!!!! It would be intering to find
out how much re-engineering them would cost, my fear wold be that they may not
be worthwile.If they are cheap i will be gutted!! I hope for your sake that you
can get them done cheap, let us know.

PS keep your speed down unit rectified, Its quite scary not having effective