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Re: Alternative part supl

 -=> Quoting Richard Romero <=-

 RR> I had a similar dilemma with my V8Q timing belt.  The aftermarket
 RR> belts were Continentals with "made in Germany" on the belt itself and
 RR> rather inexpensive (about $50).  The Audi dealer belt with the Audi
 RR> logo and 4 circles said "made in Japan" on them- $160.  My Audi
 RR> mechanic friend said to take the Audi brand ones to "reassure yourself
 RR> of the quality" and that I might have some recourse from Audi if the
 RR> belt broke prematurely. He got the belt for me at a super discount but
 RR> still more that the Contis. Anyone BTDT with these V8 timing belts? 

     Huh? The Continental is the ORIGINAL belt that came with my
     car. When I called the dealer (Clair) they only sold a
     Conti Belt for U$145.00. I bought the original Conti
     belt (now labeled CRP-stands for Continental Rubber Products)
     from Adirondack for $40.00 (had to buy two...look in the
     archives for my timing belt soap opera). As for the "recourse"
     ha ha ha ha, Audi just plain SUCKS when it comes to
     backing up the parts they sell.  MAYBE they'd be willing
     to replace the cost of the belt if it snapped.
     As for "reassuring yourself of the quality" Continental is
     one of the best belt manufacturers around, and used to
     command a premium on the market, I'd go for the German
     made anything, anytime.  Audi should take a cue from
     Mercedes, if a Mercyless Benz OEM part fails, you take
     the car to the dealer, and they reinstall/repair it
     on their dime.


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