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Re: WOT switch

> Engine serial number.

Something like MC 0490..8, cannot make out the ..on the number due
to some dirt there.

I am also putting up the information from the ID plate:

	Type: 444C
	VW #:259 04874

and then the option number stamped on the plate:

	8189 8079 8573 8352 8721

Would these be listed in the Bentley books? If so then I guess I'd
better stop buggin' y'all and spend my dough on a set of thems

> Bosch part number for fuel metering head (just post all the details from
> the green plate hidden on the back of the fuel metering head).

Hmmm, will have to do some work to get to that thing.

> Do you have a fuel frequency valve - it's a green thing with a braided
> hose on one end, and it's usually right next to the metering head?

Got this thing.

> Is there a hose connected to the top of your wastegate and running
> to the top of a little pot-like switchover valve that has two other
> hoses running to it?

Yup, got this. Just replaced the wastegate hose on Tuesday and have
been experiencing a mark difference as the old one was pretty damn

Hope with this info I can pinpoint what VW/Audi have changed to get
to the setup I have. Would those option numbers indicate any mods
such as lambda sensor and cat removal?

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