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Re: '91 Coupe Q

>--Hmmm...I was guessing more along the lines of a glass panel that
>does NOT open.  I.e moon roof w/o open feature?

Nope, the parts fiche shows that the internals for the solar SR and the 
steel SR are the same, so it must tilt/retract the same.

>--Do they really have solar assisted fresh air fan, A/C, locks,
>whatever...?  Doesn't the V8 have solar A/C to keep your car cool in
>the summer?

Like Ti said, that is an option on some of the newer cars, so I just 
guessed that a similar system was available on the CQ in other 
markets. Maybe a Euro lister has the answer to the solar roof 

Eric Renneisen
90 CQ 20V
Chattanooga, TN