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get your project cars here

>From the Idaho Falls edition Thrifty Nickel (which you could also read for 
yourself at http://www.thriftynickel.com):
[whole state of Idaho area code is 208]

"AUDI QUATTRO 4000S", 1985, AWD, project car, needs work, $1950. 523-4522
"AUDI QUATTRO 4000S", 1984, AWD, project car. Needs head gasket $500. 523-4522
AUDI 5000S 1985, five speed, custom wheels, all seasons, winterized. 523-4522

Looks like someone's having an Audi project car sale. "Get those two 4k's off 
my lawn or you can sleep in them!" I might be able to go look this weekend if 
anyone is really interested - I did read that someone wanted a "budget" car, 

Also, seen at the dealer, mid-80s 5000S, grey, 4-lug flat wheels, haven't seen 
the right side of it yet. Their # is 524-1500 (I know that one by heart).

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 80k
1988 GTI 16v, 173k