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RE: Happy Birthday! (tranny oil?)

"PAT MARTIN" <MARDKINS@classic.msn.com> wrote:
> Yes why don't the 3-4 people a day with birthdays chime in every day. 
> Just kidding.
> Pat
> shouldn't be too difficult to keep this thread going *forever* eh?

Did I mention how old I was?  How old is everyone? ;-)

JUST KIDDING!  Please don't post your age to the list!  (At least not 
without bonafide Audi content as well.)

AUDI CONTENT:  What kind of tranny oil are people using.  I'm continuing 
to get that "tip of the gears grinding" when shifting my Coupe.  I do 
not believe it's "going out".  It happened right after I changed the 
fluid/replaced the clutch.  I'm gonna try to readjust the linkage where 
it attaches to the end of the tranny, and if that doesn't work, then 
I think I'll try a different brand of oil.  I'm currently running 
Valvoline GL-4 90W, "heavy duty".  It started right after doing the 
work mentioned above.

What proven brands are good.  I was gonna go with Redline, but the
were closed the day I was doing it. :-(

But now I'm thinking if it does it with Valvo dino oil, then Redline 
synthoil might be even worse, not better.

Whatcha think?