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Re: Q-club track days (Eastern)

>>>What were your impressions of the organizing, instructing, and so on.
>>>Before I cough up money for yet ANOTHER car club membership, I'd like to
>>>know if it's worth my while.
>>>Anyone who can compare it to BMWCCA events is especially invited to
>>>>respond, as I have access to those also.

While they are QC-USA, let's call 'em what they are NEQ track days...an
important point.  This year I attended
a BMWCCA event at NHIS so my experience here is VERY limited.  The BMWCCA
event was good.  It was friendly, professionally
run and safe.  There were a few minor glitches in organization, but I had a
 good time and I will renew my membership in BMWCCA so
that I may attend another.  I would say that the BMWCCA is a little more
aggressive than the NEQ and most others will agree...but still

I also attended the QCUSA National Event at Elkhart Lake's Road
America...it was fun, it was safe, it was full of activity.  The food and
socializing was wonderful...instructing was OK.  Classroom instuction,
quite frankly was fairly poor except for one session with Susan
Andersen.  (Ummm...it's raining, can we talk just for 2 seconds about the
rain line here?...Oh...good Idea)  I had a good time.  R/A was
great, and so were the event headquarters......overall, a little

I also attended the two NEQ track days at Watkin's Glen and Lime Rock.  I
won't say they were perfect because I wasn't everywhere
at every second and everyone makes mistakes...but I'll be damned if they
weren't absolutely great.  As an active member of NEQ I'm
not sure I should be the one to say it, but I don't think I've ever been
priviledged to be a part of a group of people that are as professional
when they need to be and as generally nice, helpful and friendly all the
rest of the time.  The events were safe, they ran smoothly and
kept on schedule and I left wishing for more. I'll bet you'll get the same
response from over 90% of the other people who have actually
been to an NEQ event and are not just speculating poseurs.  The classroom
instruction was FIRST rate.  Food and lodging was nicely
arranged and the events have a real "club" atmosphere.  These great events
are the result of the hard working folk at NEQ and not of
QCUSA, and while they are QCUSA sanctioned events it is only appropriate to
 put credit where credit is due: NEQ!  I'll go head to head
with anyone who would dispute me.

Downside...well, they're a little more expensive....$285 this year for two
days.  There are lots of legitimate reasons for this which I won't go
into here...but if it costs $50 bucks more than another event and it makes
anyone cry then you probably shouldn't be in this game anyway.
The track time is relatively cheap part compared to car parts...travel etc.

Paul Royal