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Re: Warped discs

The other responses are on the money about this...so I'll only add:

If you ever put on the wheel bolts when the brakes are hot be EXTREMELY
careful to torque evenly...better yet, wait until they cool.
I've got the 90-90QMolotov20v with the small 256MM rotors and they do get
hot and warp at track events even with slotting.  I now drive around for
about 5 minutes after any number of hot laps without touching the brakes.
Parking the car even without the brakes on can cause warping just because
the cooling is uneven due to the close proximity of the pad to the rotor.

I am not recommending this as a fix....but I "fixed" some very warped
rotors by nailing the brakes about 7-8 times...70 down to 40-30mph in quick
succession....then drive without touching the brakes for at least ten
miles....Wha-Lah...all fixed.

Paul Royal