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5kt- ISV silliness?

Well, the insurance nightmare is done. $1050 paid out for a scratched
bumper cover and bent aftermarket exhaust. So the Audi Gods have taken
this windfall not lightly. The idle started going 1500-2000 repeatedly,
cycling every two seconds. Engine races up on shifts. Well, I scratched my
head, cleaned the ISV, and got the same result. Wiggling it changes speed
slightly in both directions. Just for drill, I plugged the hoses while
leaving the ISV connected electrically. Instant 900 rpm smooth idle. 

Replace (original 173k) ISV, right? Or are there relays involved? I
checked the WOT switch. WO part questionable, idle side fine. Multi-therm
switch OK. Coil wire secure. The only way I can make it idle right is to
bypass the ISV. Sources?

Lastly, will I kill the car this way somehow? Got an appointment tomorrow
morning at 8, can't fix properly before then. It's 40 miles away and I've
only got the Audi- certain doom imminent if I only allow air thru the TB??

Thanks again,
my birthday on the 11th (snicker!)