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RE: '91 Coupe

     I have a '91 Coupe Q: 
     >(1) the muffler (stamped Audi/VW) is painted black! Is this the  
     >original part? I expected to see silver.
     Mine is silver.  Still in OK shape at 112k, in spite of much winter 
     driving in snow/ salt/ sand and donut hanger failures.  I do have a 
     Scorpion on order thru TAP (backordered since Aug.).  Getting it more 
     for aesthetics and performance (expected to be slight) than necessity. 
     > (2)The glass sunroof has a _rotary_ control switch with about 5 or 6
     > positions (various preset movements). I was told that this was not  
     > the
     > control setup originally in the '91 models, but is a feature of 
     > years and hence a mod to this car. BTW, was its Backup Alert 
     >sensor an original option? It's integrated perfectly with the sunroof
     > control panel.
     I have the glass sunroof with the rotary dial you describe, I'm sure 
     it is stock (i'm second owner- since Mar. 92).  No backup alert tho.
     > Anyway, the car's still FS, and the dealer asserts that they "could 
     > get
     > $17K for it at auction", so they won't talk about less money. 
     >expect from a BMW dealer?--It took them several weeks to decide that 
     >$20K was "out of line"!
     I'm sure that mine is worth nowhere near this much.  It has been 
     driven very hard, the finish is in bad shape with minor dents and lots 
     of stone chips, and my maintenance record is adequate at best (yes I 
     DID change the timing belt at 60k, will change again soon).  I am 
     starting a program of "restore/ upgrade" however, and I'm hoping that 
     this will be an investment which translates into increased resale 
     value.  So I am very curious about how much this dealer will actually 
     get for the car.
     Matt Rooke
     San Jose CA
     '91 CQ