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What? Oiled Cooled Turbos!

>Their response was,  "ALL our turbos are LUBRICATED by oil.  Some are air
>cooled and some are water cooled."

give me a break!
significant heat is added to the oil and then transferred to air via
heat exchanger.  i would guess this is a much more efficient heat
exchange than that between the hot turbo and the hot ambient air.
i don't detect any engineering to direct cooling air to the turbo
bearing or housing...
their correct response would have been, "ALL our turbos are cooled by
the oil that lubricates them.  In addition, some are also water-cooled."

>I had to readjust my thinking.  Now when I order turbos they are specified
>as either water cooled or air cooled.
nudge, nudge, wink, wink...


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