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Re: Wheels for '87 4kcsq

Mark L. Chang wrote:
> Well, among other upgrades, which include suspension and stereo (which is
> now almost done .. still missing some low-end thump -- did someone say
> "sub"), I would love to get some wheels.
> Found some Borbet 15x7 Type C wheels in good condition and good price.
> I've searched the archives, and it seems that the 87 4kcsq has a 4-bolt
> 108mm pattern, right (prolly not)?
 The 87 4kcsq is a 4  x 108 mm hole pattern.  And the Borbet's will fit
if they are the same pattern.    One thing though, most people have had
problems fitting 205/50-15 tires without rubbing in the back.  I had the
same problem so I went with 195/50-15 tires, but that is a slightly
smaller circumference than stock ( about 3% I believe.)  This is all
based on a 35mm wheel offset (which I think the Borbet's are.)  If you
have a bigger offset, in the range of 38 to 40 mm, you should not have
the rubbing problem.

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