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get your project cars here

In message <01BD00C2.56C13540.hah@srv.net> Henry Harper writes:

> Looks like someone's having an Audi project car sale. "Get those two 4k's off 
> my lawn or you can sleep in them!" ...

Roger Galvin, Membership Secretary of the UK quattro Owners Club and known to 
many here, has just bought his _FOURTH_ quattro in _THREE_ months.
His stable now includes:
SAAB 99 turbo - ca. 15 years old.
Lancia Beta - also ca. 15 years old.
Audi ur-quattro Turbo (WR) - 1984.  Owned for eight years.
Audi ur-quattro Turbo (WR) - 1981(?).  Bought last week - a very early car.
Audi V8Q (PT).  His daily driver.
Audi Coupe quattro 2.3E.  His wife's daily driver.
All this would be fine - but Roger lives on a housing estate that could be be 
described as 'compact' or 'bijou'.  He's a one-man traffic jam.
Lesley, his long-suffering, has finally put her foot down and Roger has had to 
send two cars (the ur-quattros) to storage down at Adam Marsden's AM Cars.  He 
has a project (of some urgency) to sell the SAAB and the Lancia.  Having got 
the Lancia just about perfect, he test drove it yesterday and popped #4 plug 
out of its thread.
So we went for a beer. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club