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Re: A4Q questions: Light steering and Can't heel and toe.

bill castellano writes:
> >Recently took delivery of A4Q and I have only two gripes:
> >1.  The steering is very light (overboosted).  Has anyone come up with a
> >fix for this like a different size pwr. steering pulley?
> Actually it has a decent feel but the action is light. It may sound silly
> but I got used to it pretty quickly. BTW many have suggested raising tire
> pressure all around to 35 which also gives a better feel of the road.

Yes, increasing tire pressure is a good suggestion.  Also, if you have
a brand new car, the tires are also brand new and will cause the
steering to feel light.  Give the tires some time to wear, and the
feel will improve.  The A4q has great steering feel.  The effort
is low, but the feel is all there.  It's actually real nice, once you
get used to it.  There is no torque steer, no bump steer, no kick back
of any sort, but it's not at all numb.

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